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Hedge Trimmer Blade

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On earlier models of hedge trimmers, the cutter blade retaining bar assembly was attached to the stationary bar with (5) five 8-32 x hex head machine screws and nuts. The nuts were crimped for locking action. A spacing washer between the stationary bar and the retaining bar allowed the cutter bar to reciprocate. The continuous vibration of the machine screw and crimped nut resulted in a loosening of the assembly. Also, the screw and nut had to be disassembled to sharpen the trimmer blade. The crimped nut lost most of its locking ability after reuse.


(5) 8-32 x 7/16 hex washer head steel TAPTITE screws, cadmium plated, were driven into a 0.147" diameter pilot hole to assemble the cutter bar to the steel stationary bar.

Customer Benefit

The hedge trimmer blade represents an excellent TAPTITE thread rolling screw application. Break-away and prevailing back off torques of TAPTITE screws are more consistent than those of machine screws with crimped nuts. TAPTITE screws in this application provide an excellent strip-to-drive ratio of 5 to 1. Total in-place cost savings are realized by completely eliminating the crimped nut assembly and greatly reducing assembly time. The same TAPTITE screws can be reinstalled when the blades are serviced without losing any of their original locking ability.