Leaders in Lowering the Cost of Assembly

Originators of the TAPTITE® TRILOBULAR™ Family of Fasteners

Providing Technical & Marketing Support and Innovative Fastener Design

Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. (reminc) and Conti Fasteners AG (CONTI) have successfully marketed TAPTITE® FASTENER technology internationally for 58 years. This success was accomplished through the training of leading fastener producers worldwide.

The technical program functions in the United States under the direction of reminc, located in Middletown, Rhode Island and in other countries under the direction of CONTI, situated in Baar, Switzerland. Although reminc and CONTI are separate corporations and function independently, each is dependent on the other for certain functional activities.

TAPTITE® TRILOBULAR™ shape thread rolling screws and bolts are used to create strong, uniform load carrying internal threads into untapped nut members upon installation. When reminc developed the original TAPTITE® TRILOBULAR™ shape thread rolling screw, it revolutionized the use of threaded fasteners in high production assembly. Assembly efficiency and joint performance along with lower in-place fastening cost have been the benefits of using TAPTITE® screws. Now, the new generation of TRILOBULAR™ products, continue these benefits along with meeting contemporary quality and performance needs.