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REMINC Aluminum Core Hole Calculator


Ld- Screw Engagement Depth, below any hole entry feature

DRAFT ANGLE: included angle, in degrees - Recommended max of 1.2°

Bottom Hole Clearance

Cast Cored Hole Geometry

Screw Size
⌀A - Top Hole Dia Below: Max
⌀A - Top Hole Dia Below: Min
⌀B - Bottom Screw Engagement: Max
⌀B - Bottom Screw Engagement: Min
⌀Bc - Dia @ Bottom of Cored Hole: Max
⌀Bc - Dia @ Bottom of Cored Hole: Min
Lf Full Thread Engagement Depth
Ld Engagement Depth With Point
Lp Screw Penetration
Lb Screw Bottom Clearance
Lh Cored Hole Depth
⌀H Boss Diameter Min.
Da Draft Ang Total degrees
⌀Cb C'Bore Dia.
Lcb C'Bore Depth Min.

Fastener Hole


Testing is required to verify the suitability of the calculated figures for your material and casting process.
The values provided are for guidance only. They are not meant to be used for design criteria.  Their used and reliance thereon for any purpose by anyone is entirely voluntary and at the risk of the user. REMINC/CONTI are not responsible for any loss, claim, or damage resulting from their use.  Consult our application engineer or the application-engineering department of one of our many qualified producers for specific application data or information.